Knee Tassels (4)

knee garter

“Oh ho! Poor baby,” Reese gently chuckled at me. “That’s a little too much for you, isn’t it sweetheart? Not what you’re used to, I bet.”

He smiled reassuringly into my tear-flooded eyes, brushing my hair back sympathetically.

“Want to try it one more time? We’ll go slow. You don’t have to take it all your first try.”

I nodded and smiled apologetically, tear-streaked mascara streaming down both cheeks.



I took a big breath and lowered my head on his huge cock one more time. Again its huge size overwhelmed my mouth and throat, making it seem impossible to take all of it into that tiny opening. But I was determined. I closed my eyes and tried to shut off all feeling from my oral cavity except pure willing desire. I willed my lips, tongue, and throat to relax, to accept him and make themselves his pussy slut. Down my throat his fat cock slipped, further and further until finally his nice, clean-shaved balls pressed against my lips. I felt so happy. I did it! I took the full length of this surreal, massive dick all the way into my throat!

“Oh, yeah. Mmmm. That’s it, baby,” Reese groaned. And just as I was about to back off his cock, he firmly grasped my head with both hands and pushed me down on him as he lifted his hips and began vigorously throat-fucking my face with his giant cock. I refused to panic from the lack of air; instead, I closed my eyes tighter and focused on the unbelievable sensation of that prick sliding up and down my throat like a toilet plunger. It slid and displaced my tongue and all my throat muscles as it cycled in and out of my head.

Then it happened. The intensity of the sensation, the strange and utter newness of it, my complete loss of control and my total surrender to the power of the man who was now raping my throat for its very first time, all of this together swept over me in waves. Pleasure, panic, and desire blended together with the impulse to vomit, and my throat squeezed shut again with a gagging spasm that felt something like a throat orgasm. Reese sensed this and released me, allowing me to expel his massive manmeat along with a huge clot of throat slime that left me choking, gagging, and coughing for air.

“Yeah, now you’ve got it. You’re a brand new little throat slut now. How does it feel?”

Still choking a bit, I croaked out, “Amazing. It’s not like anything I’ve ever felt before.”

“Yeah, baby. And that’s just the start. There’s a whole world full of new things you haven’t felt before waiting for you now.”

He tenderly framed my small face in his large hands and pulled me up for a kiss. I felt a moment’s hesitation. My face was covered with slime: tears, snot, saliva, and a small amount of vomit smeared my mouth and cheeks. I felt the need to wipe it, to prepare for Reese’s kiss. But his strong touch overmastered my uncertainties, and he lavished a passionate, loving kiss on my aroused, ravaged, and slime-drenched mouth. I felt honored, prized, and accepted as never before in my life. I felt like a queen or a princess for that moment: at that time and in that place, I had now become the all-absorbing focus of his every desire.


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