Installment 3 (Hosiery)

We were at the club’s revolving exit door, and he pushed it open, stepping close behind as the door turned, his hand guiding me at the small of my back. That sent a zing down my spine, through my butt-cheeks, and into the backs of my knees. Against my will, I suddenly felt a need for this man. I imagined his hot breath on my skin and his hands taking total possession of my small body. I tried weakly to shake the feeling off.

He led me to his car just down the block from my club. He opened the door for me, we got in, and then started out in the direction of my address.

“We’ll just make a quick stop at my place on the way,” Reese said. “I didn’t bring a jacket today and I need one.”

“Well, okay,” I hesitated. I was almost in a trance as if falling under his power. Reese’s car was heavy with the sweet musk of his well-muscled body and the sports cologne that mingled intoxicatingly together. I felt like I was getting high off it. I was no longer thinking clearly for myself.

“Here we are.” He pulled into the lot at his apartment, a large modern luxury complex. “Come on. We’ll just run upstairs for a minute. There’s some stuff I’d like to show you.”

“Okay,” I said, still in a daze.

His apartment was huge–high ceilings, straight lines, designer leather furniture, a completely open floor plan.

“Nice crib you have.”

Not a thing was out of place. All of it was beautifully arranged, tastefully decorated, and impeccably picked up.

“Thanks. I have a service comes in a couple time a week to keep it spiffed,” he said. “Care to split a wheat grass smoothie? Very good for your recovery.”

“Yeah, sure,” I conceded. “Don’t want to argue with the professional. Did you have help with designing the place? Your girlfriend maybe?”

Reese loaded the blender and smiled out one side of his mouth.

“My girlfriend? I date quite a bit, but no, I don’t have a ‘girlfriend,’ to answer your question.” He paused. “Pineapple juice or mango?”

“Pineapple, please.” He hit puree, poured the mix into a couple glasses, and we stood drinking the delicious green concoction in the cool black granite surfaced kitchen near the front of his apartment.

“Is this what you brought me up to show me?”

“Partly. The main item is in the bedroom, though.”

“You’re kidding of course.” I lowered my chin and gave him the most defiant stare I could muster. “I’m not going into your bedroom with you.”

Reese shook his head and laughed good-humoredly. “Still worried I’m going to spring on you and jump your bones?” He reached out and put his hand on my shoulder in a reassuring way. “You’re cute and sexy, sweetheart, but I’m really not in a state of desperation here.”

He nodded his head over his shoulder toward the bedroom door. “Come on. Let’s take a look. I think you’ll find it interesting.” His confident manner reassured me and I followed him toward the door.

The bedroom inside was huge, with a sumptuous king-sized bed and a large-framed apparatus of some kind in front of the room’s full-length view windows.

“Do you know what that is?”

I wasn’t sure. “No. What is it?”

The thing was a high steel frame with pivoting platform attached at the frame’s midpoint. On one end of the platform was a pair of Velcro-fitted foot bindings. It looked like workout equipment of some kind.

“It’s a reverse gravity inversion table. Helps relax the spine and improve blood circulation,” he said. “Ever try one?”


“Let’s give it a go. Here.” He took the drink from my hand and placed it on a stand near the window.

“First, step up on this little riser here, your back to the platform. That’s right. Put your feet back into the bindings.” I adjusted my position. “Good. Hold that position for a second.”

He leaned down and fastened the Velcro straps over my insteps and around my ankles.

“Comfy? Relaxed?”

“Yes,” I answered, still very unsure.

“You have to be relaxed, or the vibes won’t happen. Okay?” He faced me, looking into my eyes and putting his hands my neck and shoulders, gently kneading them into a relaxed state. “Ready to go back?”

I nodded. “Sure. Let’s do it.”

Gently, he tipped the platform back toward the plate glass windows. My head dipped below my waist and toward the floor. I felt blood rush into my head and face where it throbbed strangely at my temples.

“Just like when you were a kid hanging upside down at the swing set. Only this is much easier and more relaxing.”

“Yeah, it kind of is,” I said. I felt the bones in my back loosen and relax as the pounding of blood in my head subsided.

“This is a good combination therapy to use with massage. I have a girl who comes up every week to give me a rub-down after I use the gravity table.”

“I’ll bet you do.”

“Just close your eyes, relax, and hang there a couple minutes. You’ll be a half inch taller once your spinal disks have a chance to decompress.”

I closed my eyes as he said to. I should have focused on relaxing. I should have focused on figuring out how I let myself be led into a single man’s bedroom. On how I would fit this in with the things I told myself about my life with Justin. But instead I imagined what it would be like to lie naked on that decadent king-sized bed while this beautiful, massively muscled stranger did things to my body that I never dreamed of before.

“All right. Time to come back up for air. We need to do this nice and slow since you’re not used to it.” Reese tipped the platform slowly toward its horizontal position. While my eyes were closed, he had stepped around to the window side of the apparatus. Now as he raised the platform, he brought my face near his. He paused.

“Happy? I nodded. “Relaxed?” I nodded again.

“Well then, we’d better check your breathing.” And then he lowered his face to mine, pressing his firm, hungry lips on me in a deep, soul-wrenching, passionate kiss.

“Yeah, that’s good. Your breathing is good. Better dip down for some more circulation to your head. Wouldn’t want you to pass out when you try to walk.”

And down I went again, my stomach pressing into my ribs, giving me the helpless sensation of falling and surrender.

“Up you come again,” he said in a husky, soothing, playful voice. And he raised me up to another deep, wet, smothering kiss. The tension I had been feeling all thorough my chest and tummy suddenly released. I gave myself up to him completely as his strong, muscular tongue thrust against mine and reached past, down toward my throat.

“We need to get you out of this thing.” He tipped me fully upright and leaned down to rip the straps off my feet. He ran his hands along my slender legs and up my thighs to the focus of my woman-desire at the root of my torso. He pulled me into him and thrust his strong hands up under the yielding elastic of my bodysuit. I was already juicy, dripping wet with anticipation, when he massaged my pussy with his thick fingers and pressed them inside me to grope the satiny linings of my damp and slippery cooch. I almost passed out under the intense rush from the penetration I felt.

Next, I was lifted bodily and carried to the bed. “No, no,” I whimpered in the feeblest way I’d said anything in my life. “Yes, yes” is what I really felt when my bodysuit was stripped from me and my naked body was drawn out of it like a banana from its peel.

Reese’s hands were huge. Wherever they touched, they covered whole sections of my body and took possession of it. My tits were crushed and molded under the power of his hands. All the while his intense kisses continued and felt like they were going to suck the life out of my lungs. I arched my back, pressing my belly into the flat, rigid wall of his flexed abs. Incredible. I wanted this man. I wanted him in me, on top of me, pressing the breath out of my chest with his strength and weight as he plumbed the depths of my soft, open pussy with his aroused, stiffened cock.

I had to have it. I could feel it, the mass and hardness of it, pressing on me right through the exercise pants he wore. I reached for the waistband and struggled to pull it down over the massive haunches of his magnificently sculpted ass. It was futile. I could not get them off. Instead, with the movements of one hand, Reese pulled his warmups down and kicked them off his legs, never once pulling his lips from mine and still sucking, sucking, sucking the life out of me with his kisses. I was amazed and overwhelmed. I felt a surge of pride, joy. He wanted me. This man wanted me–hungered for my body–and would not stop until he had me and enjoyed me to the fullest. I knew at the time that this was going to be the greatest experience of my life, and I wanted only to give myself over to it entirely.

I ran my hands down the taught muscles of Reese’s belly, toward the pulsing, erect cock now laid bare to me. I felt it. It was impossibly huge. It was nearly the length of my forearm and as big around at its tip as my wrist. It excited and frightened me at once. I thrilled to imagine the feeling of this massive, urgent cock inside my pussy, thrusting and rearranging the deepest organs of my abdomen. But the size of the thing risked tearing the tender tissues of my delicate pussy parts. Like an electric current, I wanted to feel that surge of power, but with it would come the tingle and the shock of feeling all that power rip through my body. I didn’t care. I wanted it all.

In a moment, Reese broke the lip-lock he had placed on my mouth and rolled off slightly to one side in the spacious bed. He held his handsome head up on the palm of one hand and looked approvingly at my vulnerable bare body next to his. My eyes gravitated irresistibly to his huge cock. Not as engorged as it had been at first, it lolled slightly over one thigh. I don’t believe I have ever seen anything as beautiful and mesmerizing. I had to have it and I lowered my head toward his crotch to lick and stroke it–starting at first just on the tip. The purple glans was so tender under my tongue. It tasted sweetly of the few drops of precum Reese had already shed. I wrapped my small hands around the shaft to lift it for my circling tongue to lavish it with many attentions–top, bottom, and sides. Reese was uncut, and the folds of foreskin had retracted slightly from the strength of his erection.

As I stroked his cock with my flickering tongue, the heavy member flexed with involuntary contractions, making it bob insistently against my lips. This movement inflamed me and drew me to take him fully into my mouth. I closed my lips around the thick shaft; the mass of his penis filled my mouth entirely. Reese groaned with pleasure and he looked down to see my eyes gazing lovingly up at his over the bulge of his slightly bent cock as it gaped open my jaws and lips with its impossible size. Slowly, I began nodding my head to work his manhood back and forth, deeper and deeper into my throat. I began to gag, but I fought the impulse as thick volumes of saliva welled from under my tongue and deep in my throat. Reese groaned more deeply and placed one hand on the back of my head, guiding my movements.

The rigid cock plunged deeper down my throat and pressed insistently against the esophageal sphincter, the pussy-opening of my willing throat. I released and relaxed all the muscles of my throat and arched to make its length as straight and welcoming as possible. Reese gently prodded his cock against the closed back of my throat repeatedly, which at last relented, relaxed, and slipped open to receive him fully. I wanted to make myself, my entire body, a single sex organ available to him for his complete pleasure and satisfaction. Unfortunately, my throat suddenly rebelled and contracted around his glans, squeezing it out of my throat as I felt a combined sensation of choking, puking, and coughing. I gagged and pulled away from the massive cock, gasping for air.

(Installment 4)